Viktor Jansson: Merenneito, 1941 © Kuva: HAM / Maija Toivanen

The Mermaid

Viktor Jansson

The Bensow House stands just a few steps from the pedestrian street Esplanadi. Its inner courtyard cradles a lush fountain with a statue of a mermaid. Tove Jansson must have been a great model as a child, since her father Viktor Jansson (1886-1958) produced several sculptures with her daughter as his inspiration. Alongside The Mermaid, other sculptures of Tove include Play II and Convolvulus.

Water is a recurring theme in the work of Viktor Jansson. His interest in underwater life was most likely inspired by his favourite passion, fly fishing.

Due to Bensow House’s renovation, The Mermaid has been temporarily removed from its location in June 2016.