Laila Pullinen: Itämeren tytär, 1971 © Kuva: HAM

The Daughter of the Baltic Sea (Maila Talvio Memorial)

Laila Pullinen

Seurasaari island is a classic Helsinki picnic destination, but we suggest to lay down a blanket at a peaceful and charming spot just before the bridge. Maila Talvio Park on the Seurasaarentie street is home to Laila Pullinen’s (1933-2015) bronze statue The Daughter of the Baltic Sea. It is a memorial to writer and cultural figure Maila Talvio (1871-1951).

Pullinen’s sculpture was erected on the location of Maila Talvio’s former home, a house that used to bustle with cultural life. A piece of this home is now a part of the memorial, as it includes an earth relief by Pullinen named The Baltic Sea based on the stone foundations of the torn-down main building.