Kalle Hamm: Teetä kahdelle, 2004 © Kuva: HAM

Tea for two

Kalle Hamm

A table set for two in Meilahti invites to sit down. Kalle Hamm’s (1969-) piece includes two tea cups, a samovar and a chandelier. Water flowing out of the samovar creates an illusion of a lace tablecloth.

Tea for Two is a place of relaxation where one can sit down and enjoy the old garden milieu and Chekhov-like atmosphere. It doesn’t matter that the lace cloth has holes – nobody notices it during the dusk hours”, proposes the artist himself.

Bring a thermos flask of tea, china cups and surprise your friend with a unique evening moment. The location is also special in the history of HAM, as the former home of the museum stands right next to this work.