Strange Fruit

Andy Best & Merja Puustinen

Strange Fruit consists of three individual sculptures filled with air. The figures of the sculptures refers to plants which genetic structure has changed due to the contaminated soil and radioactive radiation after the Tšernobyl or Fukushima nuclear power plant accidents. The sculptures pays attention to the human made changes of the environment caused by mining and forest industries, pollution and population growth.


17.5.–14.6.2019 Finlandia Hall
14.6.–15.7.2019 Hakaniemi Market Hall
15.7.–15.8.2019 Malminkartanon Alepa, Puustellinkuja 2
15.8.–15.9.2019 Vuotalo (Vuosaari House), Mosaiikkitori


The Association of Finnish Sculptors will launch a truly unique exhibition event in Helsinki in summer 2019. Sculpture Expanded – Moving Laboratory of Public Art is a major public art project during which the urban space will become a laboratory for movable works of art.