Viktor Jansson: Leikki II, 1940 © Kuva: HAM / Maija Toivanen

Play II

Viktor Jansson

Viktor Jansson (1886-1958) has preserved the features of his daughter Tove in this fountain sculpture, also known as Water Nymphs. It depicts two mermaids – or, water nymphs – playing on a wave with a fish, with “Tove” as the larger one of the figures. The sea became an important element in Tove’s life. She spent long periods of time on a small rocky islet in the Pellinki archipelago together with her life partner, graphic artist Tuulikki Pietil√§ (1917-2009). Tove liked to celebrate her birthdays in August by dancing around on the islet in the middle of the sea with a crown of flowers on her head.