Tove Jansson: Juhlat kaupungissa, 1947 © Kuva: Tove Janssonin kuolinpesä

Party in the City

Tove Jansson

One of the most magnificent public confessions of love from one woman to another is Tove Jansson’s (1914–2001) Party in the City from 1947. Tove chose to depict her first female lover, theatre director Vivica Bandler (1917–2004), as the central figure in the work. Vivica is shown dancing with a male partner, and Tove herself is in the foreground, her back to Vivica. The assertion was subtle but bold: Vivica was married, and homosexuality was criminalised in Finland until 1971. You can also find another fresco by Tove in HAM, as well as photographs from her studio.

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