Kagaalin muistokivi, 1901 © Kuva: HAM

Kagal Memorial Stone

Artist unknown

Tullisaari island is a green oasis in Eastern Helsinki. It is one of the best preserved landscape parks in Finland and almost as if created with summertime picnics in mind. The best-known local resident is most likely the opera diva Aino Ackté (1876-1944) who rose to great fame in her time. A villa in the park has been named after her.

The Kagal Memorial Stone can be found near the Villa Aino Ackté. It was erected during the first period of Russian rule (1899-1905) to commemorate a Finnish resistance group. The words cut in the granite in Finnish and Swedish read “Third of August in the year 1901”, referring to a meeting held in the nearby Turholma Mansion, now known as Aino Ackté’s villa.