Julkiset rakennustyöt

Pia Sirén

In the work Julkiset rakennustyöt a bunch of construction sites will appear around Helsinki, which intention is to build nature. It’s about an act made in space, designed in a particular location to create change in the urban environment. The materials used in the constructions are scaffolding, attention fencing, plywood, tarpaulins and plastics, that will communicate about transition and movement. The work brings forth contemporary fragments of forests, artificial vegetation and disappearing illusions of the landscape.

17.5.–13.6.2019 Malminkartanonaukio,  Renginpolku 4
14.6.–15.8.2019 Mauno Koiviston aukio (Kamppi)
16.8.–15.9.2019 Oodi, Helsinki Central Library

The Association of Finnish Sculptors will launch a truly unique exhibition event in Helsinki in summer 2019. Sculpture Expanded – Moving Laboratory of Public Art is a major public art project during which the urban space will become a laboratory for movable works of art.