Helmiä sioille

Denise Ziegler

The starting ground for the work Helmiä sioille was an annual situation: On spring time the sun heats up the walls of the buildings and there’s a possibility that the ice suddenly cracks and falls through the drainpipe straight to the street. The situation described is reconstructed in the work Helmiä sioille, using the different mediums of contemporary art putting the event to another context.

17.5.–30.6.2019 Restaurant Töölönranta
2.7.–8.8.2019 Helsinki Cathedral
10.8.–15.9.2019 Kaarela indoor Ice Skating Rink

The Association of Finnish Sculptors will launch a truly unique exhibition event in Helsinki in summer 2019. Sculpture Expanded – Moving Laboratory of Public Art is a major public art project during which the urban space will become a laboratory for movable works of art.