Lauri Leppänen: Eino Leino, 1953 © Kuva: HAM

Eino Leino

Lauri Leppänen

The poet L. Onerva (1882-1972) used the following words to describe her love, soulmate and colleague Eino Leino (1879-1926): “He surely beat all his contemporaries in the passions of life and in the love of life. He felt at home in all the circles, moved through different social classes, he knew the rich and the poor. And everywhere he showed up, he turned into an epicentre – a melting point of spirit that for a moment would bring a glow of harmony between even the most opposing human characters. He was exceptional company, he radiated with flashes of thought, he sparked with wit and he impressed those around him with a bravado of good will and a drive for suggestive ambiance.”

Who in your life is driven by such passion? How can we feed a passion for life into our surroundings?